Adam’s Mission Statement

“My Mission” – a Personal Message from Adam Demetri, Esq.

As an experienced estate planning and elder law attorney, I empower individuals and families to protect themselves and loved ones through holistic personalized estate planning and asset protection strategies. Providing my clients protection and peace of mind is my prime objective.  I have proudly served my community for over 30 years. I live in the same town that I grew up in, and my two children attended the same schools I did when growing up. Helping families, professionals and small businesses achieve protection and peace of mind is the cornerstone of my career as a lawyer and a member of my community. It would be my honor to become your trusted advisor.

Prior to establishing the Estate Planning and Elder Law practice at my law firm, I represented families who suffered significant losses from serious personal injuries and sometimes the death of a loved one, who was often the breadwinner of the family. Much too often I saw firsthand the devastating effects a lack of advanced estate planning has on a family that suffers a sudden loss of a mother or father or a husband or wife. Children were left with no guardian in place, assets were distributed according to the State laws rather than by the wishes of the family members, disputes arose among loved ones and creditors would step in and disharmony ensued for years.

It is my mission to guide my clients and protect their legacies and ensure harmony and comfort for loved ones. Having seen firsthand the disharmony created by lack of planning, I seek to protect families from these devastating effects, which can be avoided by proper and effective planning. As we get older, it is also extremely important to protect our assets from unforeseen crises or medical issues that could result in the loss of one’s biggest asset, their home to creditors. Proper planning can protect your home from being lost as a result of unforeseen medical bills. Asset preservation is a cornerstone of proper estate planning.

I assist my clients in taking the necessary steps to control their assets while they are able, prepare for potential disability, and ensure that they will give what they want to whom they want, when they want. Together we prepare a legacy plan that will not only protect assets, but provide confidence and a sense of satisfaction in my clients knowing they have taken the steps necessary to protect the financial well-being of not only themselves, but their loved ones as well.

Age is no factor in proper legacy planning. I understand the importance of planning, and together we will create a legal plan specific to you and your exact needs. We will make sure that you keep control of your property until you are no longer able. And, if at some point in the future you become disabled, we will have addressed this in your plan, so your loved ones will be able to focus on you, without having to endure the formidable legal process of appointing a guardian or a conservator.

My experience, coupled with my compassion, form the cornerstone on which you will be able to trust that you have done what is necessary to prepare for the future. And then, you will be able to enjoy each and every day, knowing that you have a plan in place that protects not only you, but also the ones you love.

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